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Training Program GNJ, Inc.


"Education is not preparation for life; education is life itself."~ John Dewey

"An investment in knowledge pays the best interest."~ Benjamin Franklin

"Action is the foundational key to success."~Pablo Picasso

Brevard Electrical Apprenticeship is a vocational training program.  We train individuals to be electricians in the areas of residential, commercial and industrial.  Students receive hands on experience in the electrical trade by working full time with a participating electrical contractor.  They receive the theory of the electrical trade by attending classes one (1) night a week for four (4) years.  (Nights depend upon student year level and are subject to change due to instructor availability.  Classes are scheduled 6pm-11pm.) 

Students are required to work with one of our Participating Contractors in order to attend classes for free, but do not have to be employed at the time of application.  We do not find employment or place a student with one of our contractors.  We will give the student a list of member-contractors at the time of application and give them guidelines for obtaining employment, but we do not promise, guarantee or provide employment for any student.  After being given a list of member-contractors, students will be required to contact members on their own time to seek interviews and employment. 

Financial Aid & Student Loans are not available for this program

because the classes are free to students working with a

Participating Member-Contractor. 

Students are responsible for purchasing their book & registration fee.  Prices may vary per year and may change without notice.  

35+  Wonderful Years of Life-changing Learning